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Fiber channel hub keep hunging!

Regular Advisor

Fiber channel hub keep hunging!

Hi all,

My HPUNIX server ks-570 Fiber Channel hub keep refreshing and hungning. The cable is from FC card, then to the FC hub. From the hub, the cable connect to disk array.

Recently I got lots of warning on FC link failure, then the FC hub keep refreshing and hung. The disk array totally not accessble at that time. I have to reset the FC card every time. However, it become worse and worse. It will hung almost every 2 minutes. I ask HP to replace a new one. After 2 days, it repeat again. I can't tell what it is the root cause for this?

Anyone can help?

Thanks a lot
wang & wang
Occasional Advisor

Re: Fiber channel hub keep hunging!

Hi kenken.

We had a similar problem with a k360 connected through an optical hub to three StorageTek arrays. Unfortunately, there was no solution: we changed cables, host hbas's, array controllers, the hub too.
The problem was int the hub: in fact connecting directly the storage to the server, we worked fine..

What HBA does your server mount?
What storage is attached?

Regular Advisor

Re: Fiber channel hub keep hunging!

Hi Alessio,

The HBAs are HP fiber Channel card. The disk arrays are just normal NIKE disk array.

Today my hub hung again. Now I have connected the FC cable between my FC card and the Disk array without the hub. Currently it is ok already. However, I am not sure whether it solved my problem or not yet.

wang & wang