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Fibre Channel cabling

William Baines
Frequent Advisor

Fibre Channel cabling

Hi all,

I have two HP 9000 systems (SG cluster), with 3470A FC adapters connected to two 3724A/AZ FC-AL Hubs with 50 micron cables.

Each hub has an FC10 disk array connected with 50 micron cables.

The two hubs are interconnected with 62.5 micron cables to a patch panel and 62.5 micron premise cabling.

My qustion is: Will this mix of cabling result in a signal loss?

The HP installation guide (KBRC00000407) says:
"Using both 50 microns and 62.5 microns cables on the same Fibre Channel loop might cause loss of signal. For example connecting from a system to a patch panel using a 50 micron cable, using a 62.5 micron premise cable. (patch panel is attached to it) Then again use a 50 micron cable from the patch panel to the device."

In my case, the cables from hub to hub are all 62.5 micron and the cables from hubs to devices are 50 micron. In no case do I have a mix of different cables in the same segment.

Work smarter, not harder
William Baines
Frequent Advisor

Re: Fibre Channel cabling

I later found a reference in the HP A3724A FC AL Hub manual that states the same:

"For the short wave hub, HP recommends 50-micron multimode fibre cable fro new installations, but also supports 62.5 micron multimode fibre cable with SC-style connectors in existing installations. Installations can mix 50 an 62.5 micron cables"

Thanks for the peace of mind :)
Work smarter, not harder