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File Server for EVA 3000

Lau Kuek Hoon
Occasional Contributor

File Server for EVA 3000

Hi all,

Need your help to answer the following questions.

My company plan to purchase an EVA3000 disk array. What is the recommended HP file server model?

The functions of this server:
1. serve EVA3000
2. Run NFS/NIS (serving 20 HP workstations).
3. Run Omniback. ultrium 460 will be direct
attach to this server.

Please provide justifications for your suggestions.

Thank you!
Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: File Server for EVA 3000

Do not forget that you will need to purchase a SAN appliance (a proprietary W2K configured DL380) along with your EVA in order to configure your EVA through you IE browser.

This product came out of the COMPAQ/DIGITAL side of the house pre-merger.

Hook it up to any server/host that you can drop an HBA into.

VMS SAN mechanic
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: File Server for EVA 3000


Should this array be used as NFS storage for this 20 workstations only (it seems to be a big array for a 20 user workgroup). As 20 NFS users is not much a rp2470 would be enough. rx 2600 (running HP-UX) could be an alternative but I don't belive that Data Protector (OmniBack) is ported to Itanium code yet. If you want to separate the functionality you can use the very cheap rp2430 as OmniBack cell manager and NIS server.