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File corruption on VA 7400

James Whelton
Occasional Contributor

File corruption on VA 7400

I have one of the luns for my va7400 configured for the home drives for my users, some 450 + (194 GB), attached to a netserver lpr. I seem to be having and inordinate amount of data corruption which effects the backup and user access to files. Unfortunately, I am still on NT 4.0 and the chkdsk /f utility requires a system reboot which takes 3 + hours. Why am I getting so many corrupt files?
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: File corruption on VA 7400


Do you have SP6a installed on your NT4? This is needed!

Is the netsever the only server on that VA7400?
If not, do you have Secure Manager VA installed and properly configured, so that only this Netserver has access to this LUN?
Othetwise another server can damage your LUN!

I love storage
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: File corruption on VA 7400

Hello James,

the best course of action here to find the root cause of what you defined as "data corruption" is to have the HP response center analyse your array log files and make sure your array is up to date with the latest F/W their is today (HP16) and S/W (CommandView V 1.04).

To collect the internal log files of the VA7400 it's best to collect as a minimum the following outputs :

- armdsp -a "array id" >armdsp.txt
- logprn -t All -v -a "array id" >logprn.txt

Go to the command prompt on i.e. c:\sanmgr\commandview\client\sbin and run the above commands and send your files to the HP support in your area. Because the VA disk arrays have such a good and detailed logging system, this log will indicate if their are problems on the individual hard disk level, controller, cache, fiber etc etc

Data corruption can have several causes going from hardware to software and the above steps are required to convince you of the healt of your disk array. Once this is found to be ok , you can concentrate on the sever and it's OS, maybe their are s/w fixes to the OS or to the application running on that server.

Hope this helps to get started to isolate the root cause, would be nice to describe the complete server to VA7400 config in detail to see what other area can be looked at for updates. As i said i would involve your regional support center since this is a critical issue.

regards, Kris