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Finding used stuff

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Finding used stuff

Dear all,

I really appreciate if you can provide me with a list of vendors who trade in used items including H12 array Box and disks for the following system:-

Model: 9000/899/K460
Main Memory: 1023 MB
Processors: 1
OS:hpux 10.20
Disk space :52GB
DB version :Oracle 8.0.4

I want to increase the processing power, memory and disk space.

Re: Finding used stuff


I don't make a habit of marketing ourselves on the ITRC, but I've sold refurbed/used HP9000 servers as my livelyhood for the last six years. We at the Rhino Technology Group offer many different servers that would be an upgrade to your older K460. I can offer you all of the following systems with VERY LEGAL license transfers:

rp5430 - any config
rp5470 - any config
rx4640 - 4 x 1.6GHz CPU if you want to go Itanium
rp7410 w/ 4 x Mission Critical OS LTUs if you want to upgrade huge
rx3600 w/ Foundation OE if you want to go bleeding edge.

Your costs on these systems would very much surprise you when compared to new or remarketed pricing.

I can replace your 12H with a VA7100, VA7400, VA7110, VA7410, EVA3000, EVA4000 or EVA5000 - whatever you choose. I have many customers that have upgraded from the 12H and have been more than happy with the performance gains.

The performance gain from going from a K460 with a 12H to any of these servers running 2GB HBAs and any of the afore mentioned storage arrays will blow your socks off.

I'll take your K460 and 12H in trade.

You can email me at chris@rhinotechgroup.com

Best regards,