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Firmware Update Disk Array 12H

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Eduardo Soto Clemente
Occasional Contributor

Firmware Update Disk Array 12H

I was trying to update firmware at diskarray 12H with relese 32H, but the diskarray isn?t
reponding.The product is A3700AZ and the controller p/n is A3700-69006 or A3700AM.I wonder if i need something else ...

I tried with relese hp56 y hp62.
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware Update Disk Array 12H

The easiest way I have to found to get the firmware upgraded on any of my equipment, including m 12H's is to have HP come out and do it. They will do this as a part of your hardware maintenance.

The problem with upgrading firmware on the 12H is that if you are not careful and do something wrong, then you stand a chance of losing data on your array.

I would highly recommend giving HP a call on this.

I know this probably isn't the info. you wanted.
Mark van Silfhout
Trusted Contributor

Re: Firmware Update Disk Array 12H

First: I strongly agree with Patrick, let an HP engineer do this for you.
But if your system does not have a support contract and you want to do this yourself:
- first install the latest ARM server patch (this is required upgrading the firmware !!, that's why your upgrade is not succesfull) PHCO_22103 for 11.00 OS. PHCO_22100 for 10.XX OS
- than upgrade your firmware according to the instructions.


Eduardo Soto Clemente
Occasional Contributor

Re: Firmware Update Disk Array 12H

I?m agree, but I?m Support Engineer non-hp.
I want to know what?s the next step to do, when a disk array release is hp32 and thereis a Service Note A3700AZ-08.I was trying to apply service note.
Kenneth Walters
Occasional Contributor

Re: Firmware Update Disk Array 12H

I have been using AutoRAID 12H boxes for years now and have only once been able to upgrade the firmware myself under HP-UX (I have tried numerous times). In all other cases I have had HP come out and use the "boot from a tape method". You can download the LIF version and put it on tape yourself, but you need a password to actually install.

I have migrated some of my AutoRAIDs to W2K and the firmware upgrade under W2K is cake.

While I don't recommend it, I have successfully taken a controller out of a 12H with a higher version and used the command to copy firmware from one controller to another. Before trying this make sure you know which controller is the primary or you might copy old firmware onto the good controller. This is not for the faint of heart and I would only do it if it was an emergency and HP service was not available or the box was empty and it did not matter if you lost data.