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Flashing hard disk light in MSA20

Surahman Sukimin
Occasional Visitor

Flashing hard disk light in MSA20

Hi there,

We had a very slowness in our servers running under VM from DL380 linked to StorageWorks MSA. Upon restaring the DL360 and MSA20, one of the hard disk had an amber/red light flashing stationary. Thinking that the array controller is malfuntion (because the servers wont't start, we decide to restart both DL360 and MSA20 again. After restart, everything is fine except for one hard disk in the MSA having a continuos flashing green light (about 1/2 second).

Does this indicate that that hard disk is having some problem or malfunction?

Waiting for some kind reply.

Thank you.
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: Flashing hard disk light in MSA20


an amber flashing light is an indicator for a drive error. The drive is not dead, but the controller has detected some errors. You should replace the drive.

You can boot also from the SmartStart CD and start the ADU (Array Diagnostic Utility) to check the disks.

Best regards,
Best regards,
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Flashing hard disk light in MSA20

sounds like the disk had a problem on startup so was failed by the controller than when you re-re started it came online but was treated as a new disk and the flashing green led indicates an array is rebuilding to it. depending on the size and number of LUNs using the disk it should settle down eventualy.
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