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Force Failover on Hot-Spare

David Kuman
Occasional Visitor

Force Failover on Hot-Spare

Hi, i would like to force a data-transfer from a fail-predicted HDD to hot-spare on an 4M Raid Controller. What is the safest and simpliest way to do so? Identify the disk off or Reconfiguration Wizzard?

Thanks. David.
Donald Kok
Respected Contributor

Re: Force Failover on Hot-Spare

Hi david,

Hot Spare is not a physical disk. It is an amount of diskspace equal to the largest physical disk. The space will be used when a disk is bad or removed. When a disk is removed, the array will be rebuild. If there is not enough space to maintain a hot spare, the system will tell you (console and mail to root).

So in your case the best thing is to remove the bad disk with a good one. Or at least, remove the bad disk.

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