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From no RAID level to Mirror?

Occasional Visitor

From no RAID level to Mirror?

We currently have a netserver lpr with 1 9gb disk in it. Is it possible to insert a second disk and create a mirrored volume from the current live disk with out losing the data on it?
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: From no RAID level to Mirror?

What OS?

And when you say "without losing the data on it", are you talking about the existing disk, or the other disk you are contemplating installing into the machine?

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Occasional Visitor

Re: From no RAID level to Mirror?

Hi Harry,

its running NT 4 Server SP 5.
Yes its the existing disk we would like to keep intact and hopefully create a mirror with another 9gb disk.

Hope this is clearer.

Greg Carlson
Honored Contributor

Re: From no RAID level to Mirror?


What controller are you using? The LPr only has a Symbios SCSI controller on it without hardware raid. If you have a NetRaid card you can very easily change your raid level from 0 or even JBOD to Raid 1 without risking data (Always have a backup because there is always that chance you'll be the .00001%) You can change it with NetRaid Assistant from inside NT without rebooting if you already are running off the netraid. If you don't have a NetRaid card and are going to do a Software Raid just beware that HP won't help you with the software RAID level or restablishing the mirror if you loose it.

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