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G4 P600 MSA50 Drive failure.. sorta


G4 P600 MSA50 Drive failure.. sorta

We have a Windows 2003 SP2 DL380 G4 with 2 MSA50 cascaded. Users were unable to write to the raid6 volume on box2. Box2 had a drive with amber LED.

HP support sent a replacement drive. This did not resolve the issue. HP support then sent a midplane kit. We replaced the kit, and now users can write to the volume. Now the drive that was replaced displays no LED and in HP system management it shows as unconfigured. We called HP again, and thought the replacement drive may have been DOA. They sent a new drive. I replaced the drive this morning. The new drive's LEDS blinked momentarily about 2 blinks right after replacing the drive.

HP system management still shows the new drive as unconfigured.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated.
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Re: G4 P600 MSA50 Drive failure.. sorta

Hi Mark,
What is the status of hard drive and logical drive in Array Configuration Utility (ACU)?
Share its snapshots (one for physical view and another for logical view) if possible?