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Get rid of existing settings

Richard Gardner
Occasional Contributor

Get rid of existing settings


I rather foolishly bought an Array controller which was not compatible with the version of Smart Start I got with my server.

HP offered me a work around which involved setting up smart start through the on board array controller and then installing my array controller later (I want to do this because I have to follow corporate requirements to the letter).

OK, so I whipped out the 6402 (which I had already configured) and plugged my drive array into the on board SCSI controller. Bad Idea.

Now the server takes an age to find out that the drives are bad, refuses to boot into Smart Start and will not give me the option on start up to enter the RBSU.

All it will allow me to do is to enter the Multiple Initiator Configuration, which of course isn't documented anywhere.

OK, so I've tried clearing my config with the system board jumper, but this has had no effect.

All I want to do is wipe all this nonsense and start again, any ideas?

Dave Martin_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Get rid of existing settings

You could try the Compaq System Erase Utility on floppy - perhaps that would work.