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Get the temperature of a HP SmartArray P410/250

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Get the temperature of a HP SmartArray P410/250

My server self-monitors and logs temperatures etc...




1a. Does the P410 have a temp sensor onboard?

1b. How does one retrieve the temperature?


2. How does one probe physical disks of a logical drive for individual temperatures?



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Get the temperature of a HP SmartArray P410/250


One way to get disk temps is out of the hp diagnostics. Perhaps the controller temperatures are in there too somewhere? I didn't look too closely.

If you run "hpacucli ctrl slot=4 diag file=/tmp/ctrl_slot4.zip"

Then you get a zipfile, inside the zipfile are some files.
If you search for "Temperature" inside the ADUReport.txt file I can see several counters called "Current Temperature" that are non-zero (not 0x00). I presume these indicate the temperature of a disk in hex.

The counters are under this section in the ADUReport

Smart Array P411 in slot 1 : StorageWorks D2600 at Port 1E : Box 1 : Drive Cage on Port 1E : Physical Driv
e (2 TB SAS) 1E:1:2 : Physical Drive Status