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Getting MSA 60 to play nice with SIM

CSUMB Network Operation
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Getting MSA 60 to play nice with SIM

We just purchased two MSA 60's that I have connected to a brand new DL 365 running Wk3 x64. The docs for the MSA say it can talk to SIM (5.2). I can't find anything though in regards to what software I need to load on the DL to get SIM to discover it. I loaded the newest PSP onto this system and its still not working. I talked to a FE who was here for something else and he was saying I need the appropriate SMI-S for it but I can't find one on hp.com. Anyone care to shove me in the right direction?
-paul hall
Mathijs Maertens
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Re: Getting MSA 60 to play nice with SIM

I've been looking for the exact same thing... I searched a lot but without success. Maybe you have to let the scsi card talk to HP SIM instead of the MSA60...