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Getting info using SMI-S for EVA5000

Mike Reznak
Trusted Contributor

Getting info using SMI-S for EVA5000

may be this question doesn't belong here but I give it a try.
We are currently testing EMC Control Centre for SAN monitoring and try to inquire info about EVA using SMI-S. We had to install EMC SMI-S agent on appliance. I've configured everything following HP and EMC manuals but all we get is only partial info about 1 EVA (we have 5). EMC had told us, that we should upgrade to CV v4.1. (have 4.0.1). But it's not possible now, bacause of the bug in path switching. I assume, the problem might as well be in ECC agent, but EMC is rather slow reacting to our qustions.
Does anyone of you have the experience with this?


...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world ;o)