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Global Online spare

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Gordon Katz
Occasional Visitor

Global Online spare

is there a way to configure a global online spare for multiple arrays? (one spare shared by all of the arrays on the card) I'm currently using a 6402 controller card.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Kevin Harlan
Valued Contributor

Re: Global Online spare

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in ACU, don't you just add the same spare drive to each RAID array you want to have it active for?

I've successfully done this with the 5300 series of controllers and earlier, but haven't touched a 6400 controller recently. However, I doubt something so fundamental would have changed in the new Smart Array controllers.

But I do know that there is an issue on the 6400 series between ports 1 and 2 versus ports 3 and 4. Since the third and fourth port are on a separate daughter card, they are actually completely separate from the first two ports. So in that case, you *cannot* use a spare, or even any drives, from ports 1 or 2 on arrays on ports 3 or 4, and vice versa.
Gordon Katz
Occasional Visitor

Re: Global Online spare


That was it. thanks!

I had never done it before, and could not find it in the manual. I knew it had to be a feature, but...

thanks again