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Grouping hosts in P2000 G3

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Grouping hosts in P2000 G3

I have a quick question regarding hosts in a P2000 G3 SAS array. The P2000 discovers all the hosts, but it lists each host HBA as a separate host. So I have two servers attached to P2000, which appears as 4 hosts in the P2000 GUI.


Is it possible to group the hosts in the P2000 GUI so that HBAs for each server are associated with each other? For instance, in the roughly equivalent IBM disk array each HBA is associated with the appropriate host as part of the mapping process. The unit came with a defective controller and I had to work on the project while we were waiting for the new controller to come in, so this could well be user error. But please point me in the right direction.

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Re: Grouping hosts in P2000 G3

You probably know this from EVA.


It would be a nice feature for P2000 (I set up some hosts with up to 16 FC interfaces each recently), but unfortunatelly the P2000 can't do ...






Hope this helps!

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