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Guid me ; I can not initialize EVA4100.


Guid me ; I can not initialize EVA4100.

Hi all

I have EVA4100 (2 hsv-200B  and 1 hp enclosure 14 bay  5314). i can not initialize eva when i press  initialize it is not happening and i give error.


and i have some problem::>


1) i have " Cach battry system "  & "Cach battry modual " fail.what is differnet between  Cach battry systemand & Cach battry modual?  see the following pic


2) i can not see controller B in command view (following pic -left side)!!!!    while i connect only Fc port1 controller A (FP1) with FC lc-lc  to fc switch, not contrller B. because i have not more lc-lc .


i have two lc-lc. one lc-lc used for connecting hsv-200 to san switch and second lc-lc used for connecting server to san switch.



3) i have error on hsv-200B LCD (OCP) that is" multiple disk failure Restart" while i have not orange led hard and all hard status led is green.


4) every time after power on rack & eva I must enter WWN and checksum!!!


please Answer above Question and guide me. 


should i buy  2 cach battery modual  for   2 hsv200?


 *more pics is attached.plz see these.


thank you so much.






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Re: Guid me ; I can not initialize EVA4100.

1) EVA 4100 contains only one cache battery module per controller. Hence, when this module fail, cache battery system status is also failed. You need to replace cache battery module of the controller A. You will need to connect controller B to find the status of cache battery before ordering a replacement.


2) You will need to buy required FC cables and connect controller B also to the SAN.


3) You will need to connect both controllers to SAN and verify more details of this error from Command View EVA.


4)This happens because you have not initialize EVA.


My advice is to connect both controllers to SAN, replace failed batteries and then initialize EVA.




Re: Guid me ; I can not initialize EVA4100.

Hi,. Rajas


thank u for your answers,  

i will buy batteris for hsv 200, and test it.