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HASS vs 12H

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HASS vs 12H

We are looking for input on this issue. All things being equal which would be faster a HASS storage enclosure with 18GB 7200rpm drives using LVM mirroring -OR- a 12H with 18GB 10k rpm drives strictly using RAID 1/0
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Vincent Fleming
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Re: HASS vs 12H

I haven't seen any actual benchmarks or anything comparing those two products with drives like that...

But... The faster spinning drives will definately produce better performance. The 12H also has cache, which would help performance.

Now, considering that software mirroring means that the host CPU must issue 2 I/Os for every write, down I/O channels with limited bandwidth... and the 12H would only require the host to issue 1 I/O per write...

I would say it's a pretty safe bet that the 12H will outperform the HASS in most all circumstances.

Also, I'm sure someone here in the forums with much more experience performance tuning 12H's than I would be more than happy to make suggestions on how to get the most performance out of your 12H.

Good luck!
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harry d brown jr
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Re: HASS vs 12H

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