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HELP! Capacity of VA7100 only can use half !

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Adam C.
Occasional Contributor

HELP! Capacity of VA7100 only can use half !

Hello everyone:
I'm using VA7100 with CommandView 1.0 on HP-UX.
The total physical size is 133.51G(36G*4)..
But I only can use 63.32G(Logical Drives)..
(There are 70.19G for Redundancy)..
Less than 50% that I can use ?
Can anybody tell me how to modify that rate ?
Or how to set AutoRaid,Raid0,Raid10,Raid5DP ?
Thank you very much !!

poor Adam
mail me: spmace@seed.net.tw
Adam C.
Occasional Contributor

Re: HELP! Capacity of VA7100 only can use half !

here's the detail:
Exec command: armdsp 50060b00000971fb

Vendor ID:______________________________HP
Product ID:_____________________________A6188A
Array World Wide Name:__________________50060b00000971fb
Array Serial Number:____________________00SG12100032


Array Status:_______________________Ready
Firmware Revision:__________________36587HP02P0508011201
Product Revision:___________________HP02




Total Disk Enclosures:______________1
Total Disks:________________________4
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Total Physical Size:________________136,718 MB
Allocated to Regular LUNs:__________64,844 MB
Allocated as Business Copies:_______0 MB
Used by Non-Included Disks:_________0 MB
Used for Redundancy:________________71,874 MB
Unallocated (Avail. for LUNs):______0 MB
mail me: spmace@seed.net.tw
David Navarro
Respected Contributor

Re: HELP! Capacity of VA7100 only can use half !

Hi Adam,
With firsts releases of Firmware in Va7100 you only can do RAID 0+1. In September ( I think) a new version will be released, which will be able to do autoraid, that is RAID 5DP and RAID 1+0.

Frank Skibbe

Re: HELP! Capacity of VA7100 only can use half !

This Unit is base RAID System and the normal mode right now is RAID 1/0 that can only handle half of as Data storage and hot spare enable ? If yes that is the rest of the disk space you search for.
Mark van Silfhout
Trusted Contributor

Re: HELP! Capacity of VA7100 only can use half !


The new firmware which enables AutoRaid functionality (and some other things like Netware and AIX support) has been released last 7th of August.
Please contact your local HP representative for further details.