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HHBA-5101C Fibre HBA Card

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Chris Corley
Occasional Contributor

HHBA-5101C Fibre HBA Card

This card is in a LP2000r with Windows 2000 Server installed. This in turn is connected to a VA7400 via a Brocade switch.

How can I change the connection from arbitrated loop to fabric?

Can this be done on the local machine?

Enes Dizdarevic
Honored Contributor

Re: HHBA-5101C Fibre HBA Card

There is a parameter in windows registy which determines id card will be initialized is loop or fabric mode. This parameter is "InitAsNport". There is a readme file on drivers diskette which explains how to change that parameter. If you do not have this file here is short expanation:
First method: If you have files Nport_Off.REG and Nport_On.REG on your drivers diskette simpli run appropriate file. All registry changes will be made automatically.
Second method: If you do not have these files you have to do it manually.
1. Open the registry at the following location:
2. Double-Click on the Driver Parameter key, which you want to modify, for example, Double-Click on "InitAsNport", if want to enable/disable N_Port support
3. A DWORD Editor text box will appear. Enter the parameter value in the text box, and click OK, for example enter 0 to disable N_Port, or enter 1 to enable N_Port support.

If parameter "InitAsNport" does not exist you first have to create registry key with the name InitAsNport (dword type) in Parameters key.
Guy Fillatre
Occasional Advisor

Re: HHBA-5101C Fibre HBA Card


Did this work for you?

I am about to do this myself, but bo you use the enable or disable to move to fabric mode?


Chris Corley
Occasional Contributor

Re: HHBA-5101C Fibre HBA Card


This was exactly what I needed.

I enabled N Port support to move to fabric mode.