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james gould
Frequent Advisor


The device \Device\ScsiPort4 did not respond
within the timeout period
Event ID: 9
Source HHBA5100

Have a FC Rack Storage 12 -Fiber
The above caused problems on the system. Rebooted the system after powering it down. Next it looked like it started to rebuild on the spare drive but there was not indication of drive failure. Now another drive looks like
it has failed. Any ideas about what the problem may be with the fiber array?

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: HHBA1500

Hi James,

the ID=9 SCSI timeout in the NT systemlog can be due to different reasons like :

- high disk I/O and at a certain time the reply from the array came to slow, so the driver reports a timeout. This is no real issue if it does not occur frequently.

- a H/W problem in the HBA, GBIC (electrical to optical converter), fibre cable , fibre hub or the RS12FC controller itself.

Check the log back till the oldest entry and see if this issue occured before.
GBIC's i.e. when becoming older might have a problem with the laser power becoming to low and this can result in such an error.

For what you noticed after the reboot, if all s/w and utilities (fc array assistant and toptools agents) are installed you should have seen entries in the Windows eventlog about failed drives prior to that reboot (unless the disk failure happened to occured at the power off/on of the array)

You could check the fc array log file which is a text file named fa1cl.log to see what happened in the RS12FC.


regards, Kris