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HORCM instance check

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HORCM instance check


Is there any command available to check which instances are running for BC and CA.
How should i differentiate between BC and CA instance using command line.

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Re: HORCM instance check

I usually try to start the instance and it's already started it will say that it's already running.

The HORCM instance is a service and it doesn't differentiate between BC or CA services, only difference can be see in HORCM*.CONF file (CA doesn't use MU#).
Nigel Poulton
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Re: HORCM instance check

By default HORCM commands are directed to CA. To direct commands to BC you need to set the following environment variable -

This variable needs to be visible to your shell.

To see if a HORCM instance is running depends on your OS. On Windows takmanager should show your instance in the list of running processes. For Unix it should be listed via ps.

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Re: HORCM instance check

Hi Kumar,

To check the running horcm instances,
# ps -aef|grep horcmd
the output will be like this,
# ps -aef|grep horcmd
root 15361 1 0 11:17:54 ? 1:04 horcmd_0360
root 15376 1 0 11:18:03 ? 1:04 horcmd_0361

In this example, the instances 360 & 361 are currently running.

In Windows,
You can use the task manager window to see the process running with name that starts with horcmd.

Difference between BC & CA

By default all command sent for CA purpose (if there is no HORCC_MRCF variable set).

If you want to send the commands for BC purpose you have to set the HORCC_MRCF=1 variable.

Unfortunately there is no straight method to check the difference.
However, to check whether it's CA & BC pair, just run the "pairdisplay" command for the group and check the serial no. of pair volumes. If it's a diff serial no. (unless until there is no loopback CA configured), then it'a a CA pair. Else it should be BC volume.