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HP AutoRAID 12H, 36GB SE SCSI HotSwap HDD "Unsupported"

Piyush Agrawal_2
Occasional Advisor

HP AutoRAID 12H, 36GB SE SCSI HotSwap HDD "Unsupported"

Hi Gurus,

I have a HP AutoRAID 12H, fully loaded with, 10 x 18GB Hard disks and 2 x 36 GB Hard Disks. I had to replace 4 Hard disks (18 GB) by 4 new 36 GB Hard disks. All existing HDDs 18 and 36 both have HP firmware HP04. When I remmoved one 18 GB disk and plugged in 36 GB disk, the rebuild opertion fails and 'arraydsp -a' command shows that this disk is "UNSUPPORTED DISK DRIVE"; and does not get 'INCLUDED' (Auto Include is ENABLED). I notice that the firmware on this new 36 GB disk is HP05. The AutoRAID controllers are already up to latest firmware HP62 and AutoRAID, I know, has two 36GB disks working all these years. So a question of 36 GB disk not supported does not arise. I tried another new disk (36 GB) which showed the same behaviour.

Can someone suggest please ? I do not know where is the glitch ? Do I need to downgrade firmware of new disks (qty 04) to HP04 or upgrade them to latest firmware HP06 ?
Do it Right the First Time.
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP AutoRAID 12H, 36GB SE SCSI HotSwap HDD "Unsupported"

i just have the same problem, i know this is an old message, but if you have resolve it that can help me to fix mine.
thank you in advance