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HP AutoRaid E-12H display

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HP AutoRaid E-12H display


I have a E-12H disk array connected to 2 L class servers and running cluster. how every recently I have noticed the LCD display on E-12H get garbled as soon as I use any array management tools say like armdsp or armmgr. Also when I try view or change any infomation with the array front panel. Any one knows
1) whats the cause for this and any solution would be helpful,
2) does it in any way effect the working systems or may cause a data loss.
Thanks in advance
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Re: HP AutoRaid E-12H display

Hi Santaram,

Check with the following command.

#arraydsp -i

This will give you the array ID of 12H.

after this type

#arraydsp -a

This will give you the status of all components of Surestore 12H. If you dont find anything unusual in this there shouldn't be any problem.

Is EMS and STM is installed in your server?
You can monitor the event in the EMS and see whether it points to any error related to hardware. Also check the array hardware using STM. All these procedures will help you to find out the problem incase if any.