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HP CommandView SDM for VA7110

Raymond F
Frequent Advisor

HP CommandView SDM for VA7110

I am not sure if this is the right place for this question, but here goes.

I have 2 HP3000 N-class systems each attached to a VA7110 disk array. Recently, the PC attached to one of the VA arrays crashed, and has to have the HD replaced and OS re-installed. The PC ran HP CommandView SDM to monitor/maintain the VA7110. I have to re-install the software and reattach it to the VA7110, and I have a few questions.
1) Can I download CV SDM 1.08 from HP for W2Ksp4?
2) Can I download a driver for the HP FCA2101 card in the PC?
3) Are there any special considerations to configure/attach the HP CV SDM console so I do not lose any volumes on the VA7110? Is there a danger of damaging any of the MPE volumes on the VA7110?

Thanks for your time.
Donna Garverick
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP CommandView SDM for VA7110

hi ray,

yes you can download the latest sdm software (i believe 1.09 is the latest. i'm running 1.09 without a problem).

you should be able to get the fibre card driver. i just downloaded the driver two days ago (for a new va/pc setup...) -- but i think i have a different card. give it a try....

for my orginal va/pc combination, i just finished swapping pc's and it went just fine. both mpe systems that share that va were blissfully ignorant. - d