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HP DL 360 : migrating from single disk to RAID-1

Ferréol de Soras
Occasional Visitor

HP DL 360 : migrating from single disk to RAID-1


My company and I purchased two HP DL 360 (P4 Xeon 3.2, 1 GB Ram).

Each Machine has a single HP 72 GB SCSI Drive, configured as "default raid0", suggested at first boot.

The servers run FreeBSD 4.10 and has been delivered to clients.

I need to know whether it is possible ( I hope, and think it should ) to plug for each server a second drive ( we already have the disks ), reboot, and configure the HP Smart Array Utility, and then get the RAID-1 Mirroring to work, without having to reinstall the system.

Is such a process possible ?
If yes, can someone describe and guide me for the controller configuration ? It is better when the downtime is shorter.

I do not have any access to an HP server anymore to test and train myself, so I need a good theoritical lesson before going to the client :(

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide

Best regards,

Ferréol de Soras
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DL 360 : migrating from single disk to RAID-1

You should have no problems migrating to RAID1 in a live environment. I would definitely perform the task during a "light" period, but there should be no need to power down the server.

Insert the new disk, open up ACU and make sure the controller see's it. Click on the array and there should be an option to the right upper hand side of ACE to "migrate".

Select RAID 1 and wait for it to finish.

Steven Clementi
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