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HP EVA 6k- EVA Perf

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HP EVA 6k- EVA Perf

Hi Guys,


We have two HP EVA 6k in my company, my Management required last 2 two days report for HP EVA.


I have go thru the EVA admin guide and i ran the below mentione command.


evaperf all -csv -cont 30 -dur 25200 -sz EVA_Name > eva_perf_collection_%date%time%.csv.


Now i got output file csv.

Can you please help me to make report from the csv file.

Thanks n advance.



Senthil Kumar D.


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP EVA 6k- EVA Perf


contact HP support, they got a nice tool for this.

If you don't have warranty, I suppose you need to get down n dirty with maybe excel or some other kind of statistical tool..