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HP EVA Asyncronous Replication

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HP EVA Asyncronous Replication

Hi all,


we are implementing EVA Continuous Access with 2 EVA 8400 at the moment.

In Command View the status of the destination EVA changes from "Normal" to "Attention"

every 30 seconds when DR- Groups are configured for asyncronous repliaction.

This does not happen when DR Groups are configured for syncronous replacation.

There are no entrys in the controller event log.

My questions now is, is this a normal behavior or is anything wrong in my configuration ?

Thanks for Help !



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Re: HP EVA Asyncronous Replication

Yes, I have seen this. As the logs are not indicating any issues it should be fine.


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Re: HP EVA Asyncronous Replication

This is not expected to be normal. What DR protocol are you running and what is the connection used between the EVAs? Please provide details on XCS and Command View version used.

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Re: HP EVA Asyncronous Replication



the DR Protocol is "HP SCSI FC Compliant Data Replication Protocol" (we have a Cisco MDS Fabric with Exchange Based Routing) and the connection between the EVAs is a 8 Gbit (2x4) Port Channel per Fabric with Med Range GBICs (400 meters). XCS Version is 09534000 and CV is 9.4.

Thanks !