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HP EVA, LVM, DR Configuration

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HP EVA, LVM, DR Configuration

I am trying to configure DR setup. I am setting up replication using HP EVA 4K. The operating system is AIX 6.1, the disks are configured under LVM. The problem faced is, After the replication is configured, on the DR node I need to run the following 2 commands to ensure LVM metadata is created on the DR node
1) chdev -l -a pv=yes
2)importvg -y -n
Both the commands fails on to update the ODM on the DR node because the disks under replication is not visible.I have tried Destination host access mode = Read only & None. It doesn't work in either case.
Can you please suggest any alternatives to get around this problem.
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Re: HP EVA, LVM, DR Configuration

If you have the extra space, I would create a mirrorclone of the replicated disk on the remote side, then fracture and present that mirrorclone to your desired system, after which you can do your LVM commands.

When you are done, unpresent and resynch the mirrorclones and you are ready for your next test. Note that once you resynch, you will have to issue your LVM commands all over again.

The underlying issue here is that the remote volume itself will not be writeable unless you do a failover, at which point you will be functionally replicating in the other direction, which will probably write over or corrupt your LVM info for your production systems and not be usable there once you fail back. I don't think you want that.
check out evamgt.wetpaint.com and evamgt google group