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HP EVA4000 Replaced Disk

Stuart Thorne-Jones
Occasional Visitor

HP EVA4000 Replaced Disk

I have just replaced a faulty 300Gb 15K disk in our storage array and re-added the disk to the disk group.

My problem is that this is still showing an alert state and I get an error message.

The disk group is in an Attention state and the levelling is listed as pending.

If I Check redundancy I get an error saying:

"Your storage system contains data that is not protected by disk drive redundancy. Refer to your system documentation or your HP representative before removing disk drives from your system.
Removing a disk drive may cause loss of data because the following conditions exist in your system:

—Your storage system is recovering redundancy on one or more Vdisks."

There is nothing obvious in the logs indicating why this is... Can anyone help?

Thanks, S.

m saravanan
Valued Contributor

Re: HP EVA4000 Replaced Disk


wht is the disk protection level set for this disgroup? wht is the vraid level used??

from error messge, it seems that there is no protection level set and the array is leveling the data follow the disk failure. you need wait till the leveling completes.

The leveling process will take time depends on so many factors, ex: the load (IO) on the array & free space in the DG etc.

- Saravanan
Stuart Thorne-Jones
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP EVA4000 Replaced Disk

Thank you for the response... my worry was that the disk had not started levelling... It has now started so I think the panic is over :-)

One thing I have noticed though is that there is an error in the log saying that the disk has an unrecognised firmware version. Wehn I look the version is HP01, but all the other disks are HP00. Is this a problem?

Thanks again,

Honored Contributor

Re: HP EVA4000 Replaced Disk

I see 3 potential problems in your environment.

1. You are running too low and might have assigned 90-95% of available disk space to servers. That's why when one disk failed, the rest of the space will not be able to cover twice the space of individual disk space, that means you even can't have single-protection level.

2. With some firmwares (in my experience it was VCS3.010) if the diskspace is too low, the releveling doesn't kick-in. If that's what happen to you, HP support will ask to "re-sync" the controllers. Basically it's a fast restart where you need to shutdown your servers because the controller goes unavailable for few seconds.

3. Your XCS is old which doesn't recognise the new model or new firmware of the disk, hence reporting the unknown firmware.

Seek help from HP, and also if you have additional free slots, get some spare disk and try grouping into existing DiskGroup. It may (50% chances) restart the releveling. For the unknown firmware, let it be running as it is until you upgrade the XCS. If you want to run long term without XCS upgrade, don't accept the downgrading of disk firmware but get a new disk with HP00 firmware.

Hope this helps.