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HP EVA4100 Workaround to use FATA

Occasional Contributor

HP EVA4100 Workaround to use FATA

Dear Experts,
I have an HP EVA 4100 with two storage groups, one for FC (33 Disk) and one for FATA (8 disk @1TB). This storage was retired from production environment, but I’m planning to use it in my Contingency Site.


So as we all know, my EVA will have performance issues if I use actively the FATA drivers ... I mean any FATA LUN with high IO will saturate the controllers and therefore will degrade the performance of the FC Storage Group. But since I have almost 5 TB FATA without use, and a file server that is screaming for space... I’ve end up with a workaround that could allow me use the FATA disk without affecting the FC Luns. Here’s what I thought:


What I have in mind is basically “split” the traffic of FC/FATA per controller... I mean I could dedicate the Controller-A to manage only FC IO... And assign the FATA IO  only to controller-B, then in my logic.. The problem will be solved. Because if the FATA Disks are saturated with high IO, the impact will be limited to controller B, and therefore will affect only to FATA Luns, The FC Luns will not suffer from this effect because they’re on other controller.


If my logic is correct... The downside will be the loss of High Availability; if one controller fail I will not have access to the Luns presented to this controller. Well this is not a problem, because as I say before, this storage will not be in production.


So what do you think… am I correct?? This Workaround should work? If you have another workaround that could help me, please please be nice to share it. all ideas are valid..you have no restriction (except that I can’t spend a dollar in this solution).


Thanks All,
Luis Fernando.

Occasional Contributor

Re: HP EVA4100 Workaround to use FATA

anybody ??? c'mon experts, please help me with this question, it's not a tough one.


I will buy a beer to the expert who helpme to get the solution. :)