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HP LC2000 Cannot rebuild raid1 drive

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HP LC2000 Cannot rebuild raid1 drive

I have a HP lc2000 / netraid M1 controller now a disk has failed in my raid 1 system ( c-drive with the os ms2000 server) ,when i try to rebuild with a new disk it fails after 3% and goes back offline , i have tryed it via HP Netraid assistant ver:B02.00 with 2 diverend disks , i called hp and de man sayed i have to do a consistency check on the first physical disk ( if their is a bad block the raid wont rebuild) but i only can do a consistency check on a logical drive that is compleet , how can i solve this ?is their a tool to check the consistency of a physical drive in a raid 1 system ? thank you for your help . Frank .

Re: HP LC2000 Cannot rebuild raid1 drive


Please click on the following link for the procedure on performing a consistencey check:


Thank you.
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: HP LC2000 Cannot rebuild raid1 drive

you are right, you can only run a consistency check on a logical drive, in your case, you cannot, the consistency check should be sheduled to run every one or two weeks, in order to keep logical drive consistent.
when you have a drive failure, it is too late, you probably have some bad sectors or some bad block on the disk that is still on line.
what you can do?:

suppose to number your two drives:
slot 0 drive 1 the drive running
slot 1 drive 2 the failed drive

drive 3 is the new drive

in this condition you can start your os,

1- try to remove the drive one (it probably have some bad blioks)
2- insert the failed drive (Drive 2) in his original slot
3- insert the new drive in the slot 0
3- run Netraid express tool (CTRL-M at boot time)
4- go in object-phisical drive>set the drive 2 as active
5-reboot and check if you are able to rebuild the new drive using the previously failed drive (several time, the drive is put offline because of a threshiold of events, but is is still valid for data)

If this do not work, the only solution is a backup of the degraded raid one, a reinizialization and format of the raid, new installation and restore from backup

kris rombauts
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Re: HP LC2000 Cannot rebuild raid1 drive


as long as an array is not redundant you cannot run a consistency check, this is normal and by design.

The reason why the rebuild fails is most probably because the disk which is still running now has a bad block somewhere on its media, this is not necessarely in a place with user data but it will cause the disk rebuild to fail because a disk rebuild copies the whole disk (and not only the data area, the raid ocntroller is not aware of data or a filesystem).

Normally the log file from the Netraid Assistant will indicate which disk is having a problem or if you have the management agents installed (TopTools or Server Agents) then the Windows eventlog will also contain entrie with SCSI sense keys.

Pls copy the file raid.log which is located in the location mentioned below and post it to the forum pls:

c:\Program Files\Netraid\client\raid.log

The only way out is to backup the data/initialise array/restore data.