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HP MODEL20 RAID Box problem

Abdul Salam H S_1
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HP MODEL20 RAID Box problem


I'm facing some problem with a HP model-20 (Nike) RAID Box. The box has 2 SPs and 2 LUNs are configured, one LUN assigned to each SP.
The problem I'm facing is, while working, suddenly the Raid Box gave microcode panic and both the LUNs are not accessible now. Instead of showing "Enabled" status, it shows "ready" status on both the LUNs in the Presentation Menu.
Also, if I select individual disks in the pesentation menu, it shows the status as "Bound. But Not Assigned".It shows no problem with the Raid LUNs configured. It seems like the Raid5 has gone off-line. Is there any way to bring it back to "Enabled" state without losing the data ( I have 90GB of data).
I have tried putting one SP controller at a time with auto-tresspass and Unit auto-assign enabled. But still same problem.


Abdul Salam
harry d brown jr
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Re: HP MODEL20 RAID Box problem


You should give HP hardware support a call asap.

live free or die
Live Free or Die

Re: HP MODEL20 RAID Box problem

I would also recommend contacting support. From your text I would say that the lun assignment to sp portion of the microcode is stuck. You can try changing the ownership of the luns. Without some detailed microcode versions and such it's a difficult problem to troubleshoot hence the microcode determines your recoverability path. Different versions have different features and so on.

Response Center Engineer
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Re: HP MODEL20 RAID Box problem

As suggested, get a trained CE or RCE on this, but a way I've found is the following:

1> mstm
tools > info > run

this will show a list of the lun configuration.
You should see the C/D field.
Current and Default owner.
If for the RDY/RDY lun you see
-/B then the lun should be owned by SP B.
If you see -/A then the lun should be owned (access/ ENA) on SP A.

2> Pull/Power Cycle the Default SP.

3> Activate your vg.

4> your lun should return to a
ENA state on one SP.

5> the tools > info > run will now look like:
B/B or A/A.
The presentation screen will have ENA on the Current owner SP, and RDY on the other SP presentation screen.

6> then upgrade f/w

It works for me (tm)
Insu Kim
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Re: HP MODEL20 RAID Box problem

You're in a Ready/Ready LUN situation.

LUN(s) in use must be enabled by a storage processor at a given time but due to unexpected accidents like microcode panic on both controllers, the disk array is left in RDY/RDY state.
It's a way to protect host from accessing possibly bad data and

There're some ways of resolving the problem but it's HP's responsiblity, not yours.
Please never turn off the disk array and pull out storage processor as a trial before you place a suport call to HP.


Hope this helps,
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