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HP MSA 30 - Cannot find any disk!

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HP MSA 30 - Cannot find any disk!

Hi guys,

Hope you can help me. Getting a big headache with this!

I've got a MSA 30 SB. I plug it on. EMU green. I/O Card Green. Status LED on the front green. 2 disks on the array, bays 1 and 2, both green. It is connected to a HP Proliant G2 with an old Dell PERC 3dc (I know it is not HP ...but it is the only hw I have at hand atm) via a 68 pin scsi cable. The dell perc has 2 external connectors. So far so good, everything seems green.
Entering on the bios PERC, and can't find any disk. Tried several configurations setting up termination on one channel, the other ... changing the cable to the other external connector. No luck. The SCSI ID of the PERC is 7, and can't change that value.Think the scsi id for bays 1-2 is id 0-1.

One details it that the msa is u320 and the dell perc is u160, but the connector is the same, so probably will get only 160mb, but that's fine.

Is there any special procedure to connect the MSA? Any special details should i have in mind?

This is a second hand array, and I dont have any software CD,but as long as I can't find any disk on BIOS, I think is not related to software problem.

Thanks in advance guys!!! Any response is appreciated!
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Re: HP MSA 30 - Cannot find any disk!

You have a RAID controller, right? So you need to use a configuration tool and configure logical drives.
Does your server has a built-in RAID controller with external connectors?

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP MSA 30 - Cannot find any disk!

Hi Torsten,
Thanks for the answer.
The RAID controller is the Dell PERC 3dc.It has 2 external connectors. The cabin is connected to one of these external. My problem is trying to configure the disks on the cabin using the BIOS utility of the dell perc (not using any OS utility, just the BIOS PERC utility) : Can't find any disk!

The Proliant frontal disks are connected to the scsi proliant controller hp smart array 5i.

So, i know the controller is not from HP, but im asking if there is anything special i have to do. Im a bit lost in all of this.