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HP MSA2324i G2 with XenServer 5.5 ?

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HP MSA2324i G2 with XenServer 5.5 ?

we are using this disk array with XenServer 5.5 and I would like to get some info on what would be best setup for this? We have also HP Procurve 5412zl switch which is used as core/distribution switch for small company with up to 100 workseats.
My questions are:
1. what is recommended/best setup for this MSA and Xenserver since we had issues today which is represented as loosing path to storage
2. what is best was for trunking controller's 1Gbps ports ?
3. Is somebody actually using HP integrated edition of Xenserver or I'm the first one :-)?
4. Multipathing, is there any issues with this ?

I hope this is not too much. We used to deal only with FC type of storage before (EVA4x000) but now we had to get down because cost.