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HP Multipath on ESXi 5.1

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HP Multipath on ESXi 5.1



Can you please let me know how to configure and enable Multipath on ESXi 5.1?


We are using MSA2000.


Controller Version Details
Storage Controller CPU Type: Turion MT32 1800MHz
Storage Controller Code Version: M113R11
Memory Controller FPGA Code Version: F300R22
Storage Controller Loader Code Version: 19.009
Management Controller Code Version: W441R48
Management Controller Loader Code Version: 12.015
Expander Controller Code Version: 1117
CPLD Code Version: 8
Hardware Version: 56








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Re: HP Multipath on ESXi 5.1

Hi Pratik,


              Is the Lun seen in ESXi ? If yes, you have right click on the specific lun and click on Manage Paths.


There are three paths in Vmware Esx


1. Fixed

2. Round Robin

3. Most Recently Used


Vmware has a hardware specific path selection policy. For HP MSA P2000 ( Assuming it to be FC) Please check this link for Best Practice Guide.




Note: Please reply and let us know whether this is fixed.