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HP NETRAID booting issue...please help

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HP NETRAID booting issue...please help


We have a HP NETRAID 22910 PCI SCSI running on one of our servers running RAID -0 +1 on two disk chassis with SCSI drives in them. This is the issue I am having. The power went off an hour ago suddenly and the UPS connected to the server failed. As a result, the server crashed.

The power is back up but the machine will not boot. It goes through the boot up sequence, gets to the stage where it shows HP NETRAID checking for the drives (and it says "if you are an experienced user press ctrl M"). It goes through the channels and then I get the message that says "Firmware spinning up drives" and then after the sometime, the message disappears and it just hangs there and nothing happens. What could be the issue?

I know the drives are spinning up because when I switched the chassis back on, I saw all the lights come on and heard the drives spinning and there are no red lights.

This is really frustrating as this is an Application Server and lot of people use it. Thanks for any help.

Devender Khatana
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Re: HP NETRAID booting issue...please help

Hi Ram,

What happens if you press Ctrl+M. There you can see all messages related to all Physical Drives & you can check status of all logical drives. As it was a abnormal Shutdown your logical drives might have gone to Offline. Just do Ctrl+M and try to run a consistency check on available logical drives.
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