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HP NetRaid -1M Problem

Abed Barakat
Occasional Visitor

HP NetRaid -1M Problem

we have HP NetRaid -1M with 4 hardisks
the raid fails and we tried to rebuild the raid and it done successfully, but we can't see the data.
we added separate hardisk to the same server and we see the raid but the data seems to be currupted.
is there is any way or utility to restore the data
Honored Contributor

Re: HP NetRaid -1M Problem

Ouch. What exactly happened to cause the RAID to "fail"? That is, how did you know and what were the indications?
Were there lights on the drives blinking?
Did you loose the ability to read the logical drives on the RAID?
Without knowing it sounds as if 1 drive failed and then another after that.
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