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HP P2000 G3



I have a HP P2000 G3 Array with 5 2TB SAS and 10 2TB SATA Disks.


This morning I got Error 58 - A3018 saying that Disk in Enclosure 1 Slot 4 had a parity or hardware error.
 Replace the disk. This is a SAS disk.


This error generatet 3 times. I've now cleared the log and I'm waiting for it to show up again. The disk light is green.


What scares me is that all my SATA Drives on Enclosure One except for the Global Spare have green and amber lights ON (see attach)


Please advise.



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Re: HP P2000 G3


I am afraid cleaning log is not solution for you. Error is quite clear - bad disk. You should replace it asap. Best way is to raise support case to HP (I assume you have valid contract) and attach freshly colected support logs.



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Re: HP P2000 G3



Error 58 refers to A disk drive has detected a serious error, such as a parity error or disk hardware failure. As mentioned in the error and on the thread I would request you to replace the disk by raising a Support Ticket with HP Storage Technical Support.

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