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HP P2000 SAS MSA Scrub failed on vdisk!

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HP P2000 SAS MSA Scrub failed on vdisk!

Hello everybody!

MSA, Firmware TS200R021, reports the following errors:

207: Scrub failed on vdisk: vd01 Number of parity mismatches found: 1.

21: Vdisk verification failed. Command failed. (error code: 1) error(s) were found.

All disks\vdisk health is ok, vdisk status FTOL.

We log into MSA via telnet and trying to fix it:

"verify vdisk vd01 fix yes"
But we have errors:
Error: invalid or ambiguous parameter fix found.
Error: The command had an invalid parameter or unrecognized parameter. - Invalid or ambiguous parameter found: fix.


What we are doing wrong? Thx for any reply.