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HP P2000 msa fc replication error

Occasional Contributor

HP P2000 msa fc replication error

Hello, I'm new to HP storage. Last saturday we upgraded our storage's storage controller firmware. But after that few errors occured until now. They are following


Scheduler : Replication source volume was not found. (task:task_name,task_type:ReplicateVolume)

Scheduler : The specified volume was not found. (task:task_name,task_type:ReplicateVolume)


There are 1 base storage and 1 mirror storage.


Remote storages added successfully and in connected state. Please help me guys.


Thank you.

Occasional Contributor

Re: HP P2000 msa fc replication error

Also followin error reported:


Scheduler: Unable to delete the snapshot. - Unable to connect to the remote system. Verify that the remote system is up and the user name and password are correct.


2 storages are connected in same switch and ip's are in same subnet. There is no firewall between them, so I cannot found clue.