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HP P600 Raid card slow transfers

tom logan_1
Occasional Visitor

HP P600 Raid card slow transfers

Hey guys first post here, Im having problems with my p600, and tbh this is my final stop before I do something stupid with it.

Basically the long and short of it is the maximum write speed Im getting seems to be capped at 150MB/s, Im running 4x 1tb Samsung spinpoints in raid 0 atm, but I have tried to an ssd raid array and also from it to the Samsung array. I dropped the SSD's in just because I know of the insane speeds.

If I run the same arrays direct of the motherboard I get better speeds. Ive tried every different raid card config possible nothing gets me any quicker than 150MB/s on any drives. These tests were run from drives in the same system. Anything transfered across the network drops too 50mbs.
Yet to a drive not on the raid card I can max my gigabit network out andget a happy stable 115-120MB/s

System is:
Asus M3N WS
AMD Phenom 2 940 - 3ghz
8gb pc2-9200 1200mhz ram

network is all CAT6 cabling and gigabit Netgear prosafe switches.

recap on raid
internally 150MB/s max
accross network to raid levels out at 50MBs
recap non raid card
internally non raid over 300MB/s
network 115-120MB/s