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HP Renew SAS drives on MSA60

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HP Renew SAS drives on MSA60


i've got three HP Renew 450 GB 15k SAS LFF drives in a MSA60 connected to DL360 G5 and a P800 RAID controller.

As the drives were HP RENEW i decided to buy two of the same series and one with a slightly different part number (NHP) which i added a hotswap caddy. I've made RAID 1+0 on two drives (1 RENEW, 1 RENEW NHP) + 1 RENEW spare drive.

After i ran HP Diagnostics and fully tested the drives i noticed something:

- atleast one of the drives is very loud, i dont think it should be though? there are some "squeeky" sounds coming out of it.
- hp smartstart diag doesnt show any errors when testing the drive, however, one of the drives (the NHP) finishes the test about 6 minuter later than the two rest.

Should i be worried for my data? Should i replace one of the drives? Is it normal that one drive ends the test faster than another? Could it be a difference because two drives are 6G and the NHP is 3G?

HP Renew: HP EF0450FATFE (Physical Hard Drive 7) - RAID1+0
HP Renew: HP EF0450FATFE (Physical Hard Drive 9) - RAID1+0 SPARE
HP Renew NHP: HP DF0450B8054 (Physical Hard Drive 8) - RAID1+0

I am attaching a screenshot of the test log.

Thank you for your answers!
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Re: HP Renew SAS drives on MSA60

Ok, didnt want to attack a file so here it is..