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HP Smart Array 5300 partition died

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HP Smart Array 5300 partition died

I have a HP Smart Array 5304/256 Controller that has a RAID 5 setup of 6-72.8GB disk + 1 spare and a mirrored set of 36GB drives attached to a G2 DL380. After a rebuilt of the server OS the mirrored set came back perfectly fine, however the partition on the RAID 5 set is no longer recognized. Disk manager (Win 2k3 - Standard) just lists it as unallocated space.

The array is still intact, all disk are seen, and replacing the original OS disks into the server and booting with them did not make the partition visible either.

I have been trying to get a data recovery tool to work with the 5300 controller but it is not recognized since it is a DOS utility. If I had the a 'DOS' driver for it I could load it; it does not appear that HP has such a beast.

Anyone have an idea as to what I could try next?