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HP Smart Array Controller 6402 / 6Si

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HP Smart Array Controller 6402 / 6Si

Good Afternoon,

I'm in the process of configuring a DL380 G4 server and have installed a HP 6402 Smart Array Controller.

I am unsure as to what SCSI Cabling configuration I should be using. Currently I have chosen the PCI Duplex configuration, with 2 disks on 1 channel (2 x 72GB - RAID1) and 4 disks on another (4 x 146GB - RAID 5).

The reason I'm unsure is because the embedded 6Si Array Controller is still visable on boot up and is creating various POST errors, due to no disks being assigned to it.

Should I use a mixed duplex mode and only connect 1 channel to the 6402 controller?

Or is there a way of disabling the 6Si controller altogether?

Any help or advice on this subject would be much appreciated.


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Re: HP Smart Array Controller 6402 / 6Si

Apologies that should have read "Smart Array 6i Controller"