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HP Smart array P800 Controller error !

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jonas kellens
Occasional Contributor

HP Smart array P800 Controller error !

Hp has delivered and installed a Proliant ML 570 G4 Server. According to the manual I can setup the Array Controller via ORCA-utility by pressing F8 when prompted.

When I boot up the server I can choose F9 for setup RBSU and I set the Array Controller as primary boot controller, as is instructed in the manual.

Then the Smart Array P800 Controller initializes, but this takes forever...

After that's done, I get the error :
Drive Array Controller Failure
[command failure (cmd=11h err=020h)]

Then I've placed the SmartStart cd in the dvd-drive en it boot's up from it.

At the intro It says :
BootController : Smart Array P800
BootController Disk Size : 0 MB

There I use the Diagnostic Report-tool and what I get is a blanc summary !

PCI Device Information says :
Device 4 : Smart Array P800 Controller

Does it detect the Smart Array Controller or not ??!!
I've tried placing different disks going from SAS to SATA :
2 SAS-disks
2 SAS + 2 SATA

None of above setup makes that disks are detected... and when the Smart Array P800 Controllers initializes it always takes forever without result, exept the error.

I have 18 disk-slots, and a lot of SAS and SATA disks to try... but I can't get RAID configured...
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Smart array P800 Controller error !

The "cmd=11h err=020h" message is typical of a Smart Array failure. Does it have a BBWC? Try to boot without it.
Also try to reseat the Smart Array or move it to another slot. And try disconnecting the SAS cables from the controller.
jonas kellens
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Smart array P800 Controller error !

Thanks for your reply !

Yes it's with BBWC.

Perhaps stupid question but how do I disable the BBWC ? Can I do this via RBSU ?

First time I configure a Proliant server...

I encounter many problems...
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Smart array P800 Controller error !

Don't take this as a typical experience :-). I meant disconnect the BBWC module from the card, and also the SAS cables. Boot with the P800 alone, try it in another slot. If it does not boot, then you have a faulty card.
jonas kellens
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Smart array P800 Controller error !

More info :

I've made a cd with the latest firmware.
When the firmware-program starts it detects all the devices (including the P800 array controller) and it wants to instal the latest firmware/drivers.

Now here's the thing, with the P800 he says :
no driver installed, version 4 available

BUT : I cannot check the square for the driver to instal. When I press the "Check All"-button all is checked, except that for the P800 array controller...
I cannot check it manually...