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HP Storage P200 G3 COmpact Flash / Cache Problem

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HP Storage P200 G3 COmpact Flash / Cache Problem

Dear HP Support Team,

We are using HP Storage Array P2000 G3 for last 2 months. Following is little brief of configuration:

HP P2000 G3 FF Array with Dual SAS based controller. Two clustered (Win 2008 R2) servers are directly connected with Storage with Dual SAS cables. Both servers have dual HBAs. MIPO is also configured on both servers. MS SQL Server 2008 R2 data base is hosted on the Storage. Everything was working fine till now. We are facing some issues in Storage. Following are my question.

  1. For last few days we are getting following error in the Storage.

Controller A – Compact Flash Not Installed.

Please tell me why this error is coming and how to solve it. Error screen shot is attached.


  1. MS SQL database is getting corrupted for last few days. Our DBA says its due to I/O problem with storage, Please tell me if its caused by the Compact flash in controller A or there can be some other issue. Please note that we need to power off the storage at end of business day because of power problem in our city. But before power off the storage we properly power off all the servers / hosts connected with storage.
  2. Storage Cache Setting:

Please see the current cache setting which is attached with post and suggest the best for our scenario where we need to power off storage on daily basis and turn in on next day. If I disable cache, is it batter for my situation.? Please tell me way how to disable cache and let data written on disk directly.


Looking forward for your prompt reply.






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Re: HP Storage P200 G3 COmpact Flash / Cache Problem

Hi Nadeem,


Telnet to Storage unit and type below:

# show cache-parameters


If it shows as below:

System Cache Parameters
Operation Mode: Active-Active ULP
Controller A Cache Parameters
Write Back Status: Enabled
CompactFlash Status: Not Installed
Cache Flush: Enabled
Controller B Cache Parameters
Write Back Status: Enabled
CompactFlash Status: Installed
Cache Flush: Enabled


Contact Technical Support with the latest store.logs and Get the Controller A Replaced.

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