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HP StorageWorks 600/MDS600 problem


HP StorageWorks 600/MDS600 problem

Hi all,


We have a problem with MDS600. It worked for 2 years without a single problem, but since yesterday, it can't be powered ON. Shutting down happened without any warning.

The unit has 35 HDDs on left drawer, right drawer is empty. Sympthom the we have now, when we want to power it ON - on the rear of the unit, POWER LED blinks amber, UID LED blinks blue and GSI LED also blinks amber - user and maintenance manual doesn't say anything for this error combination, so I suppose that this has something to do with general power failuer of somekind "fatal error". Suprisingly, front power control panel just gives blue blink on UID LED, but on the right side, which is empty and has never been used. On all four power supplies, when connected to AC, LEDs aren't green.

MDS600 is connected to UPS that work OK, and another server is connected on it that didn't gave any power loss.

Like the user manual says, I've tried to unplug/plug all FANs, I/O boards and PS, but wihtout any change.

Did anyone had problem like this?



Eric Gagnon
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP StorageWorks 600/MDS600 problem

HI, Did you find a fix???

One of my customer have the same issue.....after moving chassis from DataCenter to an other DataCenter...  :(




Re: HP StorageWorks 600/MDS600 problem

Were you able to sove this problem. I am having a similar issue with my MDS600 after it was powered down incorrectly.