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HP StorageWorks 7100 Virtual Array

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HP StorageWorks 7100 Virtual Array

hi guys,

just would like to know if this storage would be able to work on a rp5470 using a a5158a adapter?Does this array require a software?What other fc disk array available for rp5470?

by the way, where can i find a site stating supported servers for fc disk arrays?
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Re: HP StorageWorks 7100 Virtual Array

The VA will work fine with your server. You need to install management software called Commandview SDM. Here is a list of array systems:


Hope this helps!

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Thomas J. Harrold
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Re: HP StorageWorks 7100 Virtual Array

I have a site that uses a similar configuration to what you are suggesting. (except va7110)

It should work fine.

When you install the array tools, you'll use "armdsp -i" to get a list of connected arrays, and "armdsp -a " to get details on your array.

read about "armcfg" to learn about adding/removing LUNs, etc.

I think there is also a GUI interface that you could use. Let me know if you have any problems.

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