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HP Storageworks MSA2212fc expansion

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HP Storageworks MSA2212fc expansion


I have an MSA2212FC.
It is fully populated with 12 x 500GB drives.
It has 1 Vdisk with 3 Volumes.
It is RAID6 with no spares.

I need to take out the 500GB drives and put in 1TB drives.
Can I do this 1 disk at a time or will I need to blow the lot away and start again?

Trygve Henriksen
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Re: HP Storageworks MSA2212fc expansion

Replacing the disks one at a time will take you nearly two weeks, if the Vdisk expansion is possible.
(I've never tried it. Rebuild of RAID data takes time. A rebuild of a 600GB HDD in a RAID5 on my MSA2324fc took nearly 8hours. )

If you're concerned about the downtime in a 'scratch and replace', have you considered just adding a shelf to the MSA2212fc and keeping the old Array as is?
(Shouldn't be a problem to find uses for it. Temp storage for Firmware updates for HP products, maybe... )